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The Best Pest Control Company has been the premiere Lawn Care, Shrub Care, Pest Control, and Termite Control Service in Orlando, Orange County, Seminole County and the Surrounding Central Florida area for over 20 Years.

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What can you use to control crabgrass in my St. Augustine grass lawn?

There are currently no herbicides that provide effective control of crabgrass and many other grassy weeds in St. Augustine grass lawns. The pest control companies do not have a product for control of this problem. The best approach is to grow a strong lawn through proper fertilization, irrigation and mowing. If the weed infestation is bad enough, use of a non-selective herbicide (one that kills all plant material) and replanting new sod may be required.

What do you mean by “grow a strong lawn?”

Cultural practices in home lawns primarily include fertilization, irrigation and mowing. A pest control company generally has control over only one of these practices - fertilization! Incorrect irrigation is typically the main cause of lawn problems. Mowing too short or “scalping” the lawn can also lead to injury or death of part of the lawn. Don’t blame your pest control company if these other practices are causing problems with weeds, disease or insects.

How can I get the greenest lawn on the block?

Green is imparted by fertilizer - nitrogen in particular. Your pest control company should be applying nitrogen based on the rates recommended in “The Florida Green Industries Best Management Practices” manual. These rates have been shown to maintain a healthy, green lawn and not cause nutrient leaching or run-off, which could contribute to pollution of Florida’s water resources. Do not encourage them to apply more fertilizer than is recommended and do not go out and buy your own fertilizer to “juice it up.”

Why shouldn’t my pest control company apply fertilizer in the winter?

This depends on where you are in the state. In south Florida, year-round fertilization is a common practice. In north and central Florida, fertilization during the times the grass goes dormant may injure the grass. It may also result in the fertilizer leaching past the root zone, because roots have less ability to take up nutrients during the dormant winter months.

What keeps causing my lawn to get brown spots?

Brown spots in lawns can be caused by a number of problems, some of which may be pests. Chinch bugs, spittle bugs, grubs and disease may all cause areas of grass to brown out and die. So can improper irrigation coverage, compacted soil, effects of traffic, saline water, or other stresses. The first step in pest control is proper identification of the pest, so determine what the real problem is before you apply a pesticide.

My pest control company tells me that I’m irrigating incorrectly; what should I do?

First, determine if you are under any water restrictions. Many communities currently have restrictions on how often people can water lawns and landscapes. If you fall into this category, irrigate when you are able to unless sufficient rainfall has just occurred or is predicted. Sufficient for most lawns would be at least 1/2” of rain. When you can water, do not apply until water is running off the lawn into the street.

This is not improving your lawn’s health and it wastes water. Most Florida soils will be able to take up about 1/2 inch to 3/4 inch of water each time you irrigate. If you are not under a watering restriction, irrigate when your lawn starts to fold up the leaf blades and look stressed. How long you can go in between waterings will depend on where you are in the state, season, soil type, amount of shade you have, etc. Learn to look at your lawn and let it tell you when to water.

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